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Uniform Accounting Highlights A Massive Projected Drop In UAFRS EPS For Tableau In 2017 - Seeking Alpha
While strong as-reported Q4 EPS may have caused investor optimism, 2016 UAFRS adjusted EPS was flat relative to 2015 levels, meaning the recovery wasn't the turnaround investors may think. Uniform Accounting shows DATA hasn't had negative earnings over.

Tableau Mid Year Review : Stock Down 37% YTD Despite Top Line Growth - Nasdaq
Tableau Software ( DATA ) reported mixed earnings for the first two quarters of 2016, with revenue beating market expectations on both occasions. The uptick in revenues and the number of customers, now over 46,000 globally, did not help improve its.

Tableau Software (DATA) Q3 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
First, I'll discuss our Q3 financial results, and afterwards I'll discuss our Q4 outlook. Let's start with our results. For the third quarter of fiscal year ... over the finish line. But where is the emphasis? Would you say it's changing perception of.

What To Expect From Tableau's Q2 Earnings - Nasdaq
The company expects to generate revenues between $205 million to $215 million, with the midpoint of the guidance representing 6% year - over - year growth. The company's customer base has increased phenomenally (more than 7 times since 2011) over the years.

Why Tableau Software's Stock Plunged 50% in February - Fortune
“ Tableau has a tremendous amount of mindshare in the BI/analytics space and its 'land and expand' model has been very successful at fueling exponential growth over the past several years as buying has shifted from IT to the lines of business,” he said.

Tableau Software Races To Its 2015 High Despite Continued Losses - Seeking Alpha
According to the company, the amount of data that the world produces is growing at an exponential rate. Banking, healthcare, and financial services will need solutions to manage their exploding data. Tableau seeks to provide a solution to this growing.

Why Tableau's Moat Will Reign Supreme (Part I) - Seeking Alpha
I have studied a lot of articles on Tableau (DATA) and while lots of authors believe there is growth ahead, I still feel that the true potential of what Tableau can already do and will be able to do in the future has not been fully understood.

Tableau Software (DATA) – Short Thesis - ValueWalk
Tableau bulls will point to the firm's impressive revenue growth and growing market as reason to invest in the company. Many will also argue that with just a few cost controls, Tableau could be a profitable firm. However, each of these viewpoints.

Tableau: Where's Its Beef? - Seeking Alpha
Tableau in transition - do the financials present an accurate picture? Tableau reported its Q1 financial results more than a month ago now. The results were well received and the shares jumped about 10% in the wake of the earnings announcement to.

Datawatch: Q2 Strengthens The Bull Case - Seeking Alpha
Sales productivity rose 76% year - over - year , per the Q2 call. Datawatch added 193 net new customers in the quarter, up 13% year - over - year . Renewal rates are at all-time highs as well. The bull case for DWCH heading into CY17 was based at least in part.

Biases Influence Investment Decisions
Every investor makes investment decisions that are influenced by ones biases that form over time ... The below chart looks at a 15-year time frame and maybe support isn't reached until the level just prior to the financial crisis. In other words, the.

4 Years And 500% Later, Revisiting Gravity Co (GRVY)
The stock chart looks like this as ... It was a disappointing end to the investment. First, Gravity is a real company in case you’re wondering. It’s not a shell, it’s not a cash box. 2016 was a great year for the company. In 2016, our revenues.

The Most Important Social Security Chart You'll Ever See
First of all, it's important to point out that Social Security is actually in decent financial shape for the time being. Not only does the program have $2.85 trillion in reserves, but it ran a surplus last year ... the red line has crossed over the blue.

Free tools for visualizing economic data: Tip sheet - Journalist's Resource
For example, the blue line in the chart embedded below shows the real median household income in the United States over the past 34 or so years (the left Y-axis unit is dollars). “Real” means the income was adjusted for inflation — if it were not, the.

The Worst Is Not Over for TJX Companies Inc
On the plus side, TJX reiterated its full-year profit ... (the red line). And the latest came to a halt when earnings sent the shares down to their lowest level in nearly two years. The chart alone indicates that the worst is not yet over for TJX, but.