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Why Socially Responsible Investing Is Not for Me
By definition, the stocks that replace the 20 rejects will be inferior ... Barron’s last year came up with a list of the “top 200 sustainable mutual funds,” and, of the 50 that beat the S&P 500, 49 do not even use the term themselves.

Ambarella's Stock Recently Took A Big Dive - Here's What You Need To Know
Sometimes a stock gets hammered badly after ... There are two giant funds among the top holders, including Vanguard and Northern Trust. Interestingly though one giant fund, Fidelity Mutual, reduced its stake by half. It's not clear why this fund lost.

Warren Buffett on Beating the Stock Market
or desire required to research and properly construct a stock portfolio. If you do have those things, it's certainly possible to do well. If you don't, however, that leaves two basic ways to invest: passively managed index funds or actively managed mutual.

Swedroe: A 5 Factor Evaluation
It was developed in the early 1960s, and provided the first precise definition of risk and how it drives expected ... This beta is the measure of the equity-type risk of a stock, mutual fund or portfolio relative to the risk of the overall market.

Bad News Sells; Fight Media Bias
Neither would the Journal's Aug. 28 Money Beat segment detailing a 10-week stretch when mutual fund investors yanked over $30 billion ... surge better than 33% over the next 16 months. By definition stocks offer better value after declines.

Ask a Fool: Which Are Better -- Index Funds or Actively-Managed Mutual Funds?
Actively managed funds are looking to beat the market, which means making strategic bets. In any given year, some funds' bets will win, while others will lose. Index funds are, by definition ... Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the S&P 500.

Why Investors Need Regulators to Promote 'Clean' Mutual Funds
In 1940, the first modern mutual funds revolutionized investing by making it easy for people without a large fortune to own a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds ... they must get the definition right. If clean shares aren't truly clean, the fight.

Recession Definition: Day Trading Terminology
Mutual Fund Definition: Day Trading Terminology A mutual fund an investment vehicle whereby funds are pooled together with the goal of investing into securities like stocks and bonds among others. A mutual fund is overseen by money managers or fund.

Think Global, Invest Local
The Mairs & Power Growth Fund has one characteristic ... and Lipper created the definition of growth, value and core. We think of ourselves as core managers, more on the value side, as we are stingy on what we will pay for stocks. We look for companies.

More investors are viewing active funds as a rip-off
the median actively managed mutual fund charges an expense ratio of 1.05% (for actively managed exchange-traded funds, the median is 0.67%). To compare, passive funds—which mimic an underlying benchmark index by holding the same stocks, and in the same.