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Real Estate 2017: Analysis
The individuals listed are among the most prominent in the field and are well versed in counselling domestic and international clients on the full range of real estate services, including acquisitions and disposals, leasing, planning and development.

How The World Learned The Value Of Water In 2016 - Huffington Post
In August, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) published a report on a new investment model it developed called Water Sharing Investment Partnerships, which leverage existing water markets for conservation. ... The report not only showcases success stories in.

ORIX Corporation: ORIX USA Acquires Lancaster Pollard
Based in Columbus, Ohio, Lancaster Pollard is a provider of integrated investment banking ... In July 2016, OUC acquired Boston Financial. The acquisition combined the financial strength and innovative capital solutions of OUC with Boston Financial's.

Will the Estate Tax Really Go Away? - The National Law Review
A series of Acts between 1862-64 created an inheritance tax which helped finance the war effort. Rates were between .75% and 5% and there was an exemption of $1,000. In 1870 the inheritance tax was repealed. An estate tax was again instituted to fund a&nbsp.

The World on Demand: 23 Startups That Deliver Everything From Sexy Man Servants to Marijuana - Entrepreneur
You can order a sexy manservant to follow you to and fro and carry your parasol. You can order a nurse to come and draw your blood so that you don't have to go to the doctor's office. You can order weed. You can order a nanny to take your kids to.

Worldwide: US Extraterritorial Sanctions Against Iran—No, They Haven't Gone Away - Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
U.S. extraterritorial sanctions against Iran have been in a state of partial suspension since late January 2014, when the Joint Plan of Action negotiated between Iran and the so-called P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council— China.

Build Your Economic Storm Shelter Now
Where pensions are concerned, we have the financial ... The Strategic Investment Conference will help you with the knowledge and the motivation to take the next critical steps. I look forward to seeing you there. Chicago, Lisbon, Denver, Lugano, and.

BusinessWomen First Winner: Mary Richter - Pittsburgh Business Times
Growing up with Italian immigrant parents, Mary Richter knew people from a variety of countries and cultures. That's one reason, as a certified public accountant, she specializes in international clients, guiding businesses and individuals through the.

United States: Section 457(f) Proposed Regulations – Not What We Expected (In A Good Way) - Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The typical ineligible non-qualified deferred compensation plan , prior to the new proposed regulations, have commonly only provided for contributions that were 100% employerfunded. Effective immediately, tax-exempt entities are no longer so restricted.

Force Majeure Clause - May the Force Be With You and Save Your Oil and Gas Lease - The National Law Review
In Star Wars, the force means an “energy field created by all living things… It binds the galaxy together.” 1 In French, force majeure means superior force. In a fee oil and gas lease, the force majeure clause is designed to protect the lessee from.

United States: HHS OIG Adopts New Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor And Civil Monetary Penalty Exceptions - Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
Provision of free space by the FQHC to the MA organization would not be covered by the safe harbor, because arrangements must be related to MA plan enrollees being treated at the FQHC. Similarly, financial support from the MA to the FQHC for outreach&nbsp.