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S&P Dow Jones Indices: โ€˜Those pennies from ETF fees add upโ€™
Around $8.7tn in assets are now benchmarked against the S&P 500 via index-tracking mutual ... a wave of new business flooding into low-cost index-tracking funds from investors who have become disenchanted with the high fees and poor performance of.

UTI Mutual Fund top boss, employees highest paid in industry - Economic Times
The Unit Trust of India (UTI), the original pioneer of mutual funds (MFs) in the country, may have lost its leadership position to private sector peers. But the fund house's top honcho and its employees are now the best paid in the MF industry. Leo.

Balanced mutual funds with monthly dividend draw big money - Economic Times
HDFC Prudence Fund has seen its corpus jump 106 per cent from 8,618 crore to 17,775 crore, while ICICI Pru Balanced Fund has seen its corpus rise 318 per cent from 1,773 crore to 7,413 crore and DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund has seen its assets rise&nbsp.

Mutual Funds add 40 lakh folios in April-July on strong retail interest - Economic Times
New to mutual funds ? Remember these five points to make money · Fund review: L&T India Prudence Fund · Should I change my mutual fund portfolio? Will liquid funds suffer if the market crashes? Fund review: DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund · More ยป&nbsp.

Picnic at Barrage to mark Kiss92's birthday - The Straits Times
And what's a carnival without a dunking machine? Kiss92 DJs have gamely agreed to be sitting ducks to raise money for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund . DJs Claressa, Charmaine, John, Josh, Arnold, Jason and Maddy will take turns to do the&nbsp.

Don't invest on the basis of a mutual fund's best performance period: View - Economic Times
After shouting myself hoarse for years about how great investing in mutual funds is, specially for committed long-term investors, why would I advise friends against doing exactly that? The simple reason is these particular investors are trying to.

How to calculate capital gains on SIP investments? - Economic Times
In simple terms, for every single investment (lumpsum or SIP) in equity mutual fund schemes, you do not pay tax if the holding period of the units is greater than a year. You have to pay 15 per cent of your profits (short term capital gains) towards.

Sebi issues framework for mutual funds, portfolio managers at IFSC - Economic Times
New to mutual funds ? Remember these five points to make money · Should I change my mutual fund portfolio? Suggest an SIP investment for a short-term goal · Fed may hike rate. Should debt mutual fund investors be worried? Fund review: L&T India &nbsp.

4 Mutual funds that outperformed the markets
Forbes India spoke to Jain about his challenges of managing a big fund. Excerpts from the interview: Q. HDFC Top 200 is back with a strong performance. What really worked for you over the last two years? HDFC Mutual Fund ... prices and a new government.

LIVE! Power for all by Dec 2018, all villages to be electrified this year
The PM had in 2015 ... in New Delhi. This is the first Cabinet-level official's visit to India under the Trump administration. Mattis, is is believed, will emphasise that the United States views India as a valued and influential partner with broad mutual.

With a data governance lead model, states are tracking performance on a real-time basis - Economic Times
Yet, the district is among the most backward ones in India . People walk miles to find mobile phone ... It developed a core dashboard back in 2015 that tracks performance of 31 departments across the state on real time basis. The dashboard is able to.

Ask ET Mutual Funds: Will I be able to create a corpus of Rs 2 crore in 10 years? - Economic Times
I have been investing in below mutual funds since 2015 : ... Direct plans have always been looked upon as ideal way to maximize returns compared to regular plan. (If you have any mutual fund queries, message ET Mutual Funds on Facebook. We will get it&nbsp.

Reliance Mutual Fund to list soon - Economic Times
Reliance Mutual is the third largest player in the Indian mutual fund industry, and manages assets worth Rs 3,58,059 crore. Of this, its ... In addition to asset size, growth and profitability, investors will also look at other aspects such as the.

Why closed-end mutual fund schemes are a risky investment
Closed-end equity mutual fund launches ... AMFI's decision (April 2015), 58 closed-end schemes were launched. In the 20 months since the cap, the launches fell to 29. The Securities Exchange Board of India restricting the launch of new schemes, also.