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Why value mutual funds are a good bet in current soaring stock market - Economic Times
“Value funds are well placed to unearth good opportunities and protect the downside at a time when valuations are steep,” says Vidya Bala, Head of Mutual Fund Research , FundsIndia . She reckons a mid-cap fund that follows a value-based approach would&nbsp.

How to pick the right long term equity mutual fund schemes - Economic Times
In such cases, the pedigree of the fund house or its promoter should be taken into consideration. “Investors need to give extra weight to mutual funds coming from groups like Motilal Oswal, which have demonstrated their research capability over several&nbsp.

How to buy Mutual Funds in India – Step by Step Guide
However there are several individuals who do not know about mutual funds and where they need to start with. This article is to enlighten many individuals about mutual funds in India ... Select funds where Value research Online (VRO) rated these funds.

How has the India-US partnership progressed? - Livemint
India's Modi Meets Apple, Amazon, Wal-Mart, JPMorgan CEOs Ahead Of Trump Investor's Business Daily.

Why you should not stop SIP despite stock market hitting new highs - Economic Times
chart toppers a decade back, for instance, SBI Contra in diversified category and Reliance Growth or Taurus Discovery in the mid-cap category, are now in the bottom quartile of performance,” says Vidya Bala, Head of Mutual Fund Research , FundsIndia.

SBI Bluechip Fund: Among the best large-cap mutual funds - Economic Times
The fund's performance has slipped in recent months but its strength lies in delivering a superior risk-adjusted return than most of its peers. A skilled fund manager with proven execution capabilities provides comfort, making the fund a top pick in.

5 Best Performing Mutual Funds of Q1 - Nasdaq
India funds gained 20.05%, the highest for any Lipper fund category during the quarter. ... Reduced transaction costs and diversification of portfolios without the several commission charges that are associated with stock purchases are the primary.

What Mutual Funds Bought And Sold In June - BloombergQuint
State Bank of India Ltd. and ICICI Bank Ltd. were the two most purchased large cap stocks by mutual funds with a combined estimated purchase value of over Rs 6,000 crore, according to market research firm Morningstar India . Relatively smaller peer.

What to do if your fund NAV hits an all-time high - Economic Times
However, investors should be wary of certain funds in the mid and small cap baskets, which are hitting new peaks, says Vidya Bala, Head of Mutual Fund Research , FundsIndia . "Since valuations of underlying stocks from this basket of funds are steep,&nbsp.

Australia research centre enters into agreement with Indian Railways - Economic Times
quot;I am extremely pleased to be invited with our partners to assist with this significant project, which will support future research and technology development related to critical infrastructure for India . Indian Railways is one of the largest employers.

Should you invest in dynamic equity mutual funds? - Economic Times
funds and dynamic equity funds. The former usually have more flexibility to take extreme calls across asset classes. "They may even go 100% in on an asset class, based on their strategy," says Vidya Bala, Head of Mutual Fund Research , FundsIndia.