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Definition of Public Sector Mutual fund seeked
has examined the matter and has clarified that 'Public Sector Mutual Fund' means the Mutual Fund registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), where the government, its financial institutions and public sector.

Got A Cash Windfall? Here's What To Do (After The Party, We Mean) - Huffington Post India
And mutual funds can be a key ally in your journey to financial freedom. The recent ' Mutual Fund Sahi Hai' campaign by The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) seeks to educate investors about the advantages and misconceptions prevailing around&nbsp.

Gorkhaland demand: Road to nowhere? - Economic Times
There are, of course, cunning leakages -- a few chicken being sold here, some vegetables there. But this ... Schools, hotels, restaurants and shops are shut and labourers on all the 88 tea plantations have struck work and are, therefore, beginning to.

4 Basic Returns That Have To Be Filed Under GST - Huffington Post India
Which means you can adjust taxes paid on inputs against taxes paid on outputs. This information will be auto-populated. It will pull the data automatically from your supplier's GSTR-1 once he files his return. Any information missed by your supplier.

Mutual fund schemes: What's the difference between direct plan and regular plan?
Starting Jan 1, 2013, every Mutual Fund in India comes in two flavors – a 'Regular Plan ... And so the NAV of Direct Plans is relatively higher than Regular Plans. This does not mean that Direct plans are more expensive! Instead, this means that.

Sangeeta Lakhi, Senior Partner, Rajani Associates - Indiainfoline
Replying to Prasanth Menon of IIFL, Sangeeta Lakhi, Senior Partner, Rajani Associates said, “2015 and 2016 have been significantly good for IPOs and, as such, all the funds/investors thought it fit to exit and as it appears most of the funds/public.

LG Electronics claims new smartphone for India can repel mosquitoes - South China Morning Post
Tarun Pathak, senior analyst at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, which tracks the mobile phone market in India , told NNA that such a move, however, may not help the company push its smartphone sales in the country dominated by another South&nbsp.

Serie A: AC Milan look to get season back on track against Inter, Napoli face Roma - Firstpost
Milan: Vincenzo Montella will be in the firing line as AC Milan look to kick-start their season against city rivals Inter in the highly-anticipated derby of the Chinese-owned sides on Sunday. The clash takes on even more significance as both teams are.

The Broke Person's Guide to Celebrating The Festive Season - Huffington Post India
What all of this means is that the festival season is also a season of plenty, plenty of expenses! Which is why, if you are not in the pink of financial health, you might dread October. Whether it is to travel home, buy gifts for everyone, take a.

Key Indicators Suggest A Bond Rally
Yield on the benchmark 10-year government paper has fallen since Friday after Moody’s upgraded India’s sovereign ratings first ... Watch this interview with R Sivakumar of Axis Mutual Fund on the way forward for the bond market.

What is mutual fund investment?
Mutual ... meaning an increase in the value of your investments. ALSO READ What are different types of mutual funds? | Mutual fund investment guide for beginners | What is mutual funds and how to invest in it? | Mutual funds market in India: A brief.

Why Singaporeans need to understand country's foreign policy - TODAYonline
In today's fast-changing world, it is crucial for Singaporeans to take an interest in and understand the fundamentals of the country's foreign policy, so that they do not become easily influenced by external forces, said former Senior Minister S Jayakumar.

Malaria genome shows a cunning, finely tuned parasite, says study - South China Morning Post
The malaria parasite owes its devastating success to a finely tuned genome that can survive attacks and evade human immune defences because it retains only the bare essential genes it needs to thrive, scientists have found. In a detailed study.