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Diversify Into Chinese Equities With This 5-Star ETF, Yield 8.5% - Seeking Alpha
Chinese equities are on fire. China is in a sweet spot and is currently benefiting from massive fund inflows and a strong momentum. Deutsche X-trackers MSCI All China Equity ETF is possibly one of the best China ETFs around and has a 12-month trailing&nbsp.

Why advisors need to scrutinize HSA plans - Financial Planning
Health savings accounts may be increasingly popular, but advisors need to make sure clients closely scrutinize the plans before signing up. "HSAs are still in early stages of development," says Leo Acheson, a senior analyst at Morningstar . "There's.

Top 10 small & midcaps which fund managers bought in July rose up to 200% in 2017 -
Top stocks which fund managers sold during the month of July in the small and midcap space include names like Crompton Greaves, KEC International, Sundaram Fasteners, Bharat Financial, OBC, MindTree, Union bank of India, HUDCO, KEI Industries and&nbsp.

A New Framework for Analyzing Alternative Mutual Funds -
Morningstar to create new style box for liquid alt funds InvestmentNews.

Women Fund Managers Are Scarce Worldwide -
In this latest look at fund managers by gender, we harnessed Morningstar's global database of mutual funds and their managers to consider fund managers across 56 countries, and the trends we saw in the U.S., Spain, and Hong Kong are repeated globally:&nbsp.

BSE Carbonex index outperforms Sensex so far in 2017
The BSE Carbonex index has climbed 23.16% in comparison with an 18.91% jump in the benchmark ... aspects as an investment theme. Data from mutual fund research firm Morningstar shows that there is just one India-specific fund which focuses on the.

Why This Fund's 256766 Return Still Doesn't Beat the Market - Newsline
Kevin Beatty can take the long view on investing. Ninety-three-years-long, to be exact. From his perch in Boston, Beatty co-manages the oldest mutual fund in America, if not the world. Opened in the Roaring Twenties, when Calvin Coolidge was president.

Morningstar: Industry's idea of clean shares may not be clean enough - BenefitsPro
Clean shares of mutual funds , the investment innovation designed to allow brokers and advisors to serve as level fee fiduciaries under the Labor Department's conflict-of-interest rule, are expected to revolutionize how financial professionals are.

Picking the Right Unconstrained Bond Fund Matters -
Last summer, my colleagues analyzed the non-traditional-bond Morningstar Category and noted that while the funds largely did perform better than the average intermediate-term bond fund when interest rates rose, they also exhibited a greater correlation.

Parnassus Investments: A Deeper Look At The Performance - Seeking Alpha
If investors are paying a premium for investment "skill," then they should be receiving above average results consistently over time. PRBLX did not produce an alpha that was statistically significant at the 95% confidence level even though their risk.

Burning Questions for International Investors -
Christine Benz is Morningstar's director of personal finance and author of 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances and the Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds : 5-Star Strategies for Success. Follow ... The panelists.

Frequently Asked Questions: Morningstar Rating for Funds -
Morningstar's head of global manager research, Jeff Ptak, recently examined trends in the riskiness of Star-rated funds and found that, on average, higher-rated funds tended to experience less dramatic downward performance spikes in the three years.

Analyzing Mutual Funds: Lipper Rating Vs. Morningstar
Morningstar and Lipper are two of the most prominent names in the mutual fund world. These companies evaluate funds, highlight critical data and award a simple, easy-to-compare rating to each of them. Mutual fund companies care about their Morningstar and.

Active-Fund Investors Spread Their Bets
As of 1997, passive options accounted for 10% of total assets in funds in the U.S. equity mutual fund categories ... That is, some smaller fund firms did not provide Morningstar with assets on a monthly basis until then. With this caveat in mind, it.