Long Term Investing Mutual Funds


Jack Bogle's 5 bold investment predictions for 2018 and beyond - CNBC
As he points out, over the long - term investing outside of the domestic market doesn't guarantee higher returns. Data analysis ... They can total as much as 2 percent, including fees from financial advisors and fees on products such as mutual funds.

Excel Blue Chip Equity Fund Announces Unitholder Approval of Proposed Merger - Markets Insider
The investment objective of Excel Emerging Markets Balanced Fund is to provide current income and long - term capital appreciation by investing primarily in a diversified mix of equity and income mutual funds which are predominantly emerging markets in&nbsp.

Moving to equity from debt now might be a bad decision, say mutual fund advisors - Economic Times
Some debt mutual fund investors are selling their investments and shifting the money to equity schemes, say mutual fund advisors. Hit by the unexpected volatility in long - term debt schemes, many more traditional debt mutual fund investors are.

Mutual fund advisers earning commission from AMCs may not give you the best advice - Economic Times
Investors can avoid falling prey to wrong advice by insisting they be suggested direct mutual funds —which offer no commission. Some RIAs charge their fee as a percentage of the investor's assets, this costs the investors the same as commissions from a&nbsp.

Mutual fund net sales rebound in October: IFIC
Net sales for Canada's mutual fund ... on Tuesday from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC). Last month's net sales were also comfortably ahead of the $2 billion in net sales recorded in October 2016. Net sales of long-term funds totalled.

Mutual fund schemes for long-term investments - Economic Times
It seems, you are new to mutual funds . We assume that you are planning to invest in equity mutual fund schemes. If so, your definition of long - term is totally wrong. You should invest in equity mutual fund schemes only if you have an investment horizon.

The 7 Best Growth Funds to Beat the Market in 2018 | InvestorPlace - Investorplace.com
If you want to beat the S&P 500 index, a smart way to do it is with one of the best growth funds like these.

It's tax time for fund investors, even those doing nothing - Fox Business
People who own mutual funds only through a 401(k), Individual Retirement Account or another tax-advantaged account don't need to worry about gains distributions. ... Growth stock funds, which often include tech stocks , could also be in line for big.

Congrats on your market gains. Here's a tax bill - CNBC
Generally, mutual funds distribute capital gains to their investors near the end of each year. You can expect to see notifications from your fund companies now, and receive the gains in mid to late December. These distributions are considered long - term.

Why Aligning Mutual Fund Investment As Per Financial Goal Is Important
If you book profit in a debt Mutual Fund scheme before completion of 3 years of investment, then such profit is called short-term capital gain (STCG) and it is taxed at the respective income tax slab rate of the individual. Long-term capital gain (LTCG.

Mutual Fund: Scheme categorisation to help investors in risk-return trade-off - The Indian Express
on categorisation and rationalisation will lead to more appropriately benchmarked mutual fund schemes. This will afford better understanding of schemes to investors , and appreciation of the risk vs return trade-offs as funds become more true to.

After Moody's upgrade, is it time to exit long-term debt funds? - Economic Times
The 10-year bond yield has risen from a low of 6.4% in August this year, shrinking the returns from long - term debt funds focused on the duration play. Moody's upgrade has pushed up bond prices. Will the good times last, or is it time for investors to.