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Adventures in Police Professionalism
D.C. Police Chief Kathy Lanier rehires 17 police officers previously fired for misconduct. Then she decides the city will arm them with semiautomatic weapons. Sounds like a fantastic couple of ideas. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, a coda to the.

Review: The Division is a survival journey as told by Tom Clancy
Players start out by having to meet up at a safe house while equipped with a simple HK-MP5 and M92F Beretta. To progress, players must complete tasks along with side-missions. The tasks include rescuing hostages, retrieving stolen supplies and reclaiming.

Eric Talleux
Quantitative Management at LYXOR AM, Paris. From July 2009 to June 2010, he served as the Head of the Hong- Kong Asset Management Platform for Societe Generale, Hong Kong. From July 2007 to July 2009, Mr. Talleux served as Portfolio Manager of SGAM AI.

Why must a war define us?
A more mature country might call war a dead end, a source of little more than regret. It's perhaps a sign of our lingering callowness that we call it a starting point of a nation, writes Jonathan Green. There is a viewing platform outside the northern.

Great Game Fairs of Ireland 2014 Following a year when the GREAT GAME FAIRS of IRELAND demonstrated conclusively that they are Irelandโ€™s premier game and country fairs we are delighted to announce our 2014 dates and to announce that with many new.

Officials grappling with Confederate names on public schools
Lee out of the school name to be replaced by his father, Revolutionary War Major-General Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee, who also was a Virginia governor and congressman, unofficial school historian John Peck said. Or perhaps rededicating the school to an.

10,000 Terabequerels of Radiation/Hr for Several Hours: ROV 46
NewsFeed ... Elevation to Level 7 Event ... Workers have started the process of removing highly radioactive water in the plant ... Experts urge external cooling system.. No abnormalities in pumping or power for Fukushima post 6.3 quake ... More than.