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Portfolio Management
Managing Capital – What is this thing called portfolio ... books and a ton of Google searches to form the base of my investment strategy. Over time, I have refined my investing technique and molded it to what suits me (check out the basic framework.

Is Robert Shiller Right That Passive Investing is Dangerous?
Here’s an interview on CNBC from this morning wherein Robert Shiller argues that passive investing is a ... we have to understand some basic first principles. There is, in the aggregate, only ONE market cap weighted portfolio of all outstanding financial.

Top books for investors, recommended by the pros
Swensen's Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment, published in 2005. Its basic message is ... "The reason why I liked this book was that it spoke the truth in that portfolio churning, high management fees and short-term.

Two Harbors Investment Corp. Reports Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results
The following tables summarize the company's investment portfolio as of September 30 ... such as Core Earnings and Core Earnings per basic common share, that exclude certain items. Two Harbors' management believes that these non-GAAP measures enable.

Build a Diversified Investment Portfolio with Just Three ETFs
While you can get fancy with an investment portfolio, investors can still keep things simple as well. Anna Prior for the Wall Street Journal points out that investors can take a back-to-basics approach ... and director at wealth-management firm Aspiriant.

Diversify a Portfolio With Factor-Based Investing
Investing in ... stocks may make your portfolio less able to weather the bad times. "Moreover, factor strategies all assume the risk of tracking error to the benchmark, meaning you may not even get as high a return as the basic indexes you're familiar.

A Story of Risk Management, and Flying to the Moon
Tilak Lal, vice president, Performance Analysis & Investment ... basic statistical measures were sufficient. We’d argue that’s no longer enough today. The responsibility of modern risk management is to clarify the dynamic nature and behavior of a.

How does portfolio management software work?
The essential function of portfolio management software is to assist an investor in viewing and managing the investments in his portfolio. The most basic and least expensive portfolio management software allows an investor to track his investment holdings.

Five Oaks Investment Corp. Reports Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results
The Company also reported a net book value of $5.12 per share on a basic and diluted basis at September 30 ... enhanced extension protection over a full interest rate cycle." Investment Portfolio and Capital Allocation The following table summarizes.

How to think like an adviser: The basics of mutual fund investing
Mutual funds are what many investors are familiar with when investing their 401k or ... Think of NAV as the book value or share price, which is just the total market value of the underlying portfolio holdings (less any liabilities) divided by the total.