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Sensex at 30000: Can you still make money from here? - Forbes India
The S&P BSE Sensex touched 30,007.48 mark on April 5, 2017 to close at 29,974.24. The last time the Sensex crossed 30,000 was on March 4, 2015. Over the said period, 600 stocks saw their prices double. Inside the Sensex, Maruti Suzuki (70 percent),&nbsp.

4 Top Mutual Funds to Buy for a 401 (k) Plan
Some of the best mutual funds for a 401 (k) plan are index funds having low expense ratios and actively managed funds with good long-term track records. The biggest players in this segment are Vanguard, Fidelity and American Funds. Almost all the 401 (k.

Short-term debt is the best bet: Axis Mutual Fund's R Sivakumar - Forbes India
R Sivakumar, head of fixed income at Axis Mutual Fund , feels that India is walking a tightrope as far as its sovereign ratings are concerned. Last November, global ratings agency Standard & Poor's refused to upgrade India's credit rating of BBB-, their.

SEC Issues DOL Fiduciary Rule Guidance for Mutual Funds - ThinkAdvisor
The Securities and Exchange Commission has released guidance to help mutual funds streamline the process of offering certain fee structures that are designed to achieve level compensation consistent with the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule, which.

How to Buy American Funds Without a Sales Charge - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Low expenses. Compared with other actively managed funds , the American funds are a bargain. American Funds American Mutual F1 (more on this fund below), for instance, charges 0.66% annually. That's no bargain compared with a Vanguard index fund &nbsp.

Holding the Foreign Hand - FIIs in Mutual Funds
will have an advantage over others as international investors will prefer mutual funds that sell index funds and ETFs. These funds are better known to foreign investors and bypass the fund manager risk. But the key area is distribution. Most of the top.

JC Penney and Dillard's are about to be kicked out of this big index - CNBC
Indexes rule the world because passive investing rules the world, and these indexes determine what go into many mutual funds and many ETFs. ... The breakpoint — the dividing line between the Russell 1000 and the Russell 2000 — is about $3.4 billion.

Best Funds to Invest in Your 30s and 40s
Are there certain mutual funds ... Sector Funds: For those middle-aged investors with relatively large nest eggs, such as $100,000 or more, a fully diversified portfolio might consist of a few broadly diversified index funds but these investors may.

How to invest your inheritance - Motley Fool
For instance, mutual funds are often managed by big, stable firms with lots of experience, and oftentimes, they offer break points that reduce your fees depending on how much money you invest. However, mutual fund performance can vary widely ... The.

Highland Global Allocation Fund: Hedge Fund In A Box - Seeking Alpha
The Highland Global Allocation Fund is an open end mutual fund seeking capital appreciation and income by investing in a diversified portfolio of foreign and domestic equities and fixed income. The fund has delivered incremental returns with lower.

Research Affiliates: Why Factor Tilts Are Not Smart 'Smart Beta' -
In the third article of the series, we will examine whether expected factor returns based on relative valuation can forecast mutual fund performance better than existing models, whose typical inputs are fees, turnover, and past returns. The fourth.

The Hidden Costs Of Investing In Mutual Funds
For related reading, see Break Free Of Fees With Mutual Fund Breakpoints.) Misallocation the Enemy of Most ... if a fund is simply trying to beat a standard index, it is probably not worth shelling out for. This is part of the reason why index funds.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund: Delivering consistent returns - Forbes India
When he started Mirae Asset Mutual Fund (MAMF) in India in October 2007, Gopal Agrawal's first objective was to find a fund manager who would think in micro detail. Agrawal, who was with SBI Mutual Fund , was approached by the Indian subsidiary of Mirae&nbsp.

3 Top-Ranked JP Morgan Mutual Funds to Add to Your Portfolio
Also, JPMorgan is the eighth-largest mutual fund firm in the U.S. and ... equivalent to those listed on the Russell 2000 Growth Index stocks and lower than $4 billion at the time of purchase. The fund seeks capital appreciation for the long run.