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Actively managed funds catch up to index funds
Consider the most popular category of mutual funds, ones that own a mix of large-cap U.S. stocks. Just 14 percent of such actively managed funds have beaten index funds over the last decade, according to Morningstar. The success rate is a bit better in.

Pimco Bucks Trend by Raising Fees on Ivascyn’s Income Fund
Shareholders added a net $703.4 billion to passively run mutual and exchange-traded funds while withdrawing $214.5 billion from active funds in the 12 months through July, according to Morningstar. The average fee paid by investors fell to 57 basis points.

ALPS Launches New Income ETF (HVPW) - Zacks.com
This trend could be continuing as we head into March with ALPS' announcement of a new Put Write Index Fund . This new ETF, the US Equity High Volatility Put Write Index Fund continues this recent options-focused trend, and could offer up investors a new&nbsp.

4 Smart Places to Park Your Cash Now - Kiplinger Personal Finance
We offer four worthy holding tanks for your cash—three mutual funds and one exchange-traded fund—listed in descending order of current yield. Each pays you monthly. I suggest putting 25% of your short-term, low-risk money in each. (Yields and returns.

Inside the New PUT-Write ETF: Can it Counter Volatility? - Zacks.com
The fund looks to track the CBOE S&P 500 Index which is designed to sell a sequence of one-month, at-the-money, S&P 500 Index puts and invest cash at one- and three-month Treasury Bill rates. The total value of the Treasury account should be equivalent&nbsp.

Mutual funds log Rs 62,000-cr inflows in August
Director Manager Research at Morningstar said. Bajaj Capital CEO Rahul Parikh said that Indian investors have now eventually assimilated mutual funds and the credit goes to awareness programmes and endeavours by regulators and asset management companies.

Top Rated Global Fund You've Never Heard Of
Emma Wall: Hello, and welcome to the Morningstar ... Fund, which is not so well-known in the U.K. It's managed by a couple of guys out of America. The fund is $1.7 billion at the moment, but actually they manage $17 billion in total including their U.S.

Morningstar renders ETF verdict by discontinuing ETF-only conferences after ...
Morningstar has a bright future. Neither seems remotely replaceable. But human characters as diverse in nature as Chip Roame, David Booth and Jack Bogle have long cautioned that nobody should count mutual funds out. That Morningstar is now folding its ETF.

Morningstar's Top Rated Funds Don't Show Outperformance So Far
When investors are in a quandary as to the best mutual funds to own, they frequently turn to expert sources to help them make their decisions. And for fund investors, there is usually considered to be no more of an expert source than the Morningstar.com site.

Why Mutual Fund Managers Are Betting On Tech, 'Quality' Stocks
The end-of-summer blahs and elevated geopolitical uncertainty took their toll on the stock market and stock mutual funds in ... Large Company Growth Fund (TSAGX) topped 95% of its large-cap growth peers tracked by Morningstar Direct in August.

Why Investors Need Regulators to Promote 'Clean' Mutual Funds
Ph.D., is Morningstar’s director of board consulting services and leads the 15(c) consulting practice, helping mutual fund directors with the advisory contract renewal process and related performance and expense evaluations. But as the investing and.

Napa Wealth Management launches second mutual fund
Napa Wealth Management launched its second mutual fund, the Momentum Bond Fund (MOMBX), on Sept. 1. This follows the launch of its first fund, NWM Momentum Fund (MOMOX) on April 1. This flagship fund received a Morningstar five-star rating in April.

Morningstar’s August Winners & Losers
Morningstar ... funds have a Gold rating, 334 have a Silver rating, and 546 funds have a Bronze rating. A large number of funds, 603, are rated Neutral, with only 11 receiving a Negative rating. Funds with a Medalist rating now represent about 6% of unique.

3 Alternative ETFs for a Shaky Market - Zacks.com
Talks about moderation in U.S. economic growth were doing rounds since the Fed meeting in March. The latest private-sector jobs report and factory data points, which came in on the weaker side, strengthened the apprehension. A frigid winter, which has&nbsp.