How To Invest Money Wisely In South Africa


Sustainable investing not big in SA, despite high awareness - Independent Online
THE 2017 Schroders Global Investor Study has found that South Africa ranks among the top 10 countries in terms of investors' knowledge, attitude and behaviour regarding sustainable behaviours and investing . The study is a survey conducted by global&nbsp.

Advice from SA's top woman asset managers - Independent Online
To mark Women's Day, Personal Finance approached four of South Africa's leading women in the asset management industry, asking them about their own investments and what investment lessons they had learnt the hard way that they could pass on to you.

10 Bankable “Side Hustle” Ideas to Pad Your Wallet
According to a recent report released by GeoPoll, Africans have fully embraced ‘side hustles,’ with the report sampling youths from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa ... There is good money in farming and it is worth the investment,” said Onyango.

A tax-free investment will boost your retirement savings - Independent Online
The burden on South African taxpayers is getting heavier. The top income tax bracket has been increased to 45%, and the introduction of a “wealth tax” is being debated. Using tax-efficient investment vehicles is essential if you want to preserve or.

How to make money through ‘buy-to-let’ (using very little of your own money)
Just by reading and applying the easy-to-follow processes in “Making Money through Buy-to-Let in South Africa”, you will realise that ordinary people can become extraordinary. This book explains why buy-to-let property investment is the only sensible.

Facebook to open Nigerian hub next year in African tech drive
He also said it hoped to train 100,000 software developers in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. [L5N1KH9WQ] Although Africa may ... which tech firms rely on to make money.

The best investment to make with your money in South Africa: Property vs stocks vs fixed interest
The decision to invest money can be an incredibly ... (measured by the FTSE / JSE All Share Index), money market yields (SteFI Composite Index) and direct residential real estate (average prices of South Africa). “Once the figures are taken into account.

Be true to your long-term investment strategy - Independent Online
As an investor, you are probably struggling to digest the flow of political and economic developments, both locally and internationally, and have recently had to grapple with the news that South Africa's gross domestic product contracted 0.7% in the.

Africa: Governments Are Closing Down Space for Civil Society - Jay Naidoo
Currently a political and social activist, Jay Naidoo was a pioneering trade unionist who fought apartheid in South Africa and ... business for investment purposes as they begin to use data to determine where they want to put their money.

3 Reasons To Invest In South Africa - Forbes
So, why should you consider investing in South Africa ? If you're an active investor (i.e., an investor who selects where and when to invest in an attempt to beat the market), then you should probably visit the country to conduct some thorough due.