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These are the best — and worst — things about your retirement savings plan - MarketWatch
Robert Reynolds, president and chief executive officer of Boston-based investment management firm Putnam Investments and Denver-based financial services firm Great-West Financial , recently wrote a book called “From Here to Security: How Workplace&nbsp.

How To Plan For Your Retirement In Your 20s - Forbes
The best thing you can do in your 20s is to develop a relationship with a capable, trustworthy, and likeable professional financial planner . You may not have a lot of money to invest or save right now, but when you do, you'll need help making the right&nbsp.

House Ways and Means approves tax reform package - Pensions & Investments
quot;We remain extremely pleased that the House legislation continues to protect retirement savings, allowing millions of middle-class families to continue to have the freedom to choose the savings vehicle that best suits their needs," said the coalition.

The 25 Best Retirement Websites - Forbes
Planning for retirement isn't easy. Everyone knows this, and everyone tries to find out how they can make financial planning less of a burden. One of the biggest problems out there is that learning about personal finance and reading retirement and.

7 Ways To Get Ready For Retirement If You're 50 And Haven't Started Saving - Forbes
I spoke with James Nichols, senior vice president of customer solutions at Voya Financial , and he suggested starting by getting financial guidance. You can do this through your company's employee financial wellness program, your retirement plan.

Confused about retirement planning? Here's how to get started this year. - Motley Fool
Note that all 401(k) contributions go in tax-free, but withdrawals in retirement are taxed as income. Additionally, since many employers offer matching incentives for the plans they sponsor, participating in a 401(k) could help you save even more. (If.

Westlake man's retirement planning book a best seller - The Morning Journal
A Westlake man's book on retirement planning has reached the top of the new release best seller list in two categories. Jason L. Smith is ... “Bucketing your money in financial planning is an asset positioning philosophy,” he said. “It's the.

Retirement Strategy: The Hope And Prayer Strategy Is A Plan To Fail
I will bet many of our SA readers know at least one person who uses the hope and prayer strategy for a secure financial future or retirement ... combined with a spending plan that will never exceed my income, is the best plan for me with the least amount.

How to plan for retirement if you don’t plan to retire
Ironically, the best way to insure financial independence in retirement is not to retire. The corollary to this is that if you plan to shrink the amount of years you retire and to continue to grow your retirement nest egg while you keep working.

Three Things I Should Have Said About Retirement Planning - New York Times
When it comes to providing advice about saving for retirement , I can relate. I had co-authored a couple of books on the subject — one when I was in my 30s and another in my 40s — but now that I am north of 60 and retirement is a far less abstract.

Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule or None, Retirement Planning Still Has Principles
recent passage of its new Fiduciary Rule has caused a bit of a stir in the financial services community. The rule has many implications, among them binding advisors who work with retirement planning, both legally and ethically, to do what is in the best.

Financial adviser Lawrence Ganim authors book on retirement planning for entrepreneurs - Westfair Online
“I've been working for entrepreneurs for over 30 years and I've never had an occasion where I met a successful entrepreneur who had everything buttoned up,” said Ganim, president of Ganim Financial in Bridgeport. “You might be very good at creating&nbsp.

This financial app gamifies retirement planning
Launched in October, Master of Retirement is an online game that lets users invest pretend money to get insights into the state of financial planning in America ... manager and hope for the best. An FIA can increase portfolio balance once interest is.

7 Of The Best Retirement Quotes To Get You To And Through It - Forbes
Over the last decade, I have written four books , over a dozen guides, and close to 400 articles on retirement . For those approaching, or already in retirement , here are seven of my best retirement quotes that you can use to wake up motivated, overcome&nbsp.

I'm a financial planner — here are the best 7 pieces of advice I can give you about money in your 30s
Making smart moves with your money during your 30's can help you achieve future financial success. Eric Roberge, a certified financial planner and founder of Beyond Your Hammock, shares his seven best piece of advice about money. Life can get complicated.