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Talking Point: Give 'em two years to do it right - The Mercury
In the Greater Hobart region of about 250,000 people there are seven councils — Brisbane , with over a million people, has one, maybe two if you count Logan City. Of those seven southern local councils, two have been suspended by the ... Suspension of.

Michelle Kungl's incredible journey -
“The impact this is having on her life is devastating,” says her lawyer Brendon Pooran, who specializes in human rights and financial security for people with disabilities. * * *. It is early July and .... You are making a salary and you should be able.

Opinion: Universities cry poor while vice-chancellors make a motza
“While she gets paid an exorbitant salary, she gets rid of 25 academic staff.” He said Hoj’s bonus of $200,000 was “ridiculous” considering lecturers got only $89,458 to $106,232, depending on their seniority. Financial planning guru Noel.

New life for Fyfe as darkest days end - The Advertiser
Fyfe, the consultancy he had headed for more than a decade, had just been named as one the state's top earners with revenue of $75 million that financial year. But less than two months later, Fyfe was in survival mode courtesy of a crash in commodity.

Cashed-up NRL review salary cap arrangements
To ensure better financial viability for ... such as the A$300,000 Brisbane paid Canterbury to release fullback Ben Barba; - Rolling the existing marquee player allowance into an increased salary cap; - Clubs putting up a A$10,000 bond to appeal salary.

How to consolidate New Zealand super into an Australian account - Brisbane Times
I am 35 and working for an Australian company. I have recently returned from three years working for its New Zealand subsidiary. During that time, I accrued about $NZ13,000 in the KiwiSaver superannuation fund, including some salary sacrifice amounts.

Should I start saving or is super salary sacrifice a smarter move?
My dilemma is this: do I now try to save as much as I can in case of rainy day events, such as my mother's funeral and the like, or do I salary sacrifice as much as ... was from Queensland Teachers Financial Planning. My super is with Qsuper and it.

'Are banker salaries really necessary?' - Peter Costello's challenge - The Sydney Morning Herald
Bank levy: Anna Bligh warns of domino effect The Australian.

The money makers - The Australian
“I am the money worrier,” says the Brisbane -based financial adviser . “I worry about ... Indeed aligned planners have made it to the top of the tree in our survey, with Marc Smith, one of the top-ranked advisers in the market, aligned to BT Financial.

Council misleads residents with 'fictitious' bus driver salaries, says union - Brisbane Times
quot; Brisbane bus driver hourly rates are the best in Queensland and second only to Perth bus drivers." Brisbane Times readers have also responded to the average salary figure revealed by the council. A reader who commented under the pseudonym "Drivers&nbsp.