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Labour's investment bank plan could help fix our damaging financial system - New Statesman
These activities would not add to the long-run public debt either: by definition an investment bank would invest in projects that would stimulate growth. Aside from the obviously countercyclical role KfW played during the financial crisis, ramping up.

The Finance 202: Trump's economic agenda caught break with nominee approval - Washington Post
Special Counsel Robert Mueller Impanels Washington Grand Jury in Russia Probe Wall Street Journal.

Lessons from the financial crisis
Third, early and often thoughtful asset allocation analysis ... spread of future economic hardship. While risk management may not be the answer to all our financial woes, it is a critical tool for analysing information and making investment decisions.

Chinese Neocolonialism in Africa: The Dragon Eating the African Lion and Cheetah? (Part I) -
Meles Zenawi, the late thugmaster of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (T-TPLF) pipe dreamed about China leading Africa on a long march out of the winter of poverty and despair into an African spring of economic development and renaissance. Zenawi.

What If Companies Managed People as Carefully as They Manage Money? - Harvard Business Review
As a result of capital superabundancy, global quantitative easing and relatively low demand for investments in R&D and capital projects , the after-tax cost of borrowing for many companies is at or near inflation, making the real cost of borrowing close.

Investment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints
Investment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints alerts potential investors and other stakeholders to precipitous changes in the investment milieu as a result of constraints on resources and infrastructure, economic.

Firms say strong political support needed for South Suburban Airport - Chicago Tribune
•CACC (China Airport Construction Group Corporation), which belongs to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, a state-owned enterprise, with 60 years of experience that includes 150 airport projects in China with award winning engineering designs.

Economic Impact: Women, Monetary Worth, and the Role of HR in Enabling Financial Equity - Huffington Post
What does worth mean to you? That is the question Amanda Steinberg, poses in her new book, Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms. Steinberg is a serial entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of WorthFM, a practical savings and investment platform for women,&nbsp.

Documents: Gov. Walker increased Foxconn financial package 'as scope of project changed'
Scott Walker’s office increased its proposed Foxconn Technology Group financial ... project changed significantly from an initial $6 billion in capital investment with approximately 8,000 jobs, said Mark Maley, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Economic.

China takes 'project of the century' to Pakistan - Financial Times
Exclusive: CPEC master plan revealed

A philanthropic boom: “donor-advised funds” - The Economist
The way Mr Powers finances these projects would strike old-school charitable types as odd. Traditionally, a ... By 2000 many other financial firms were peddling such funds, including Schwab and Vanguard, both now DAF giants. The industry has since&nbsp.

Wanted: Investors to upgrade India's roads - CNBC
To drum up foreign investor interest in India's road network, the second-largest in the world, policymakers have undertaken a slew of reforms, Gadkari said. Measures include a one-time fund infusion to revive stuck projects , a fast-track dispute.