Equity Oriented Mutual Funds Tax Benefits


Closed-End Funds an Important Consideration for Income-Oriented Investors
Closed-end funds are designed for smooth, regular, and often tax-efficient cash ... differently than their open-end mutual fund cousins or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Typically actively managed, CEFs can offer the benefits of diversification while.

Mutual funds and tax benefits
Read on to find out. . . What tax benefits are available to those who invest in mutual funds? Please mention the tax benefits on equity-oriented and debt-oriented funds separately. Since, April 1, 2003, all dividends, declared by debt-oriented mutual funds.

How much should one invest in debt or equity oriented schemes?
Ideally, you should be investing 10-20 per cent of your savings in mutual funds through monthly SIP. Here are few points that you should keep in mind while investing in a debt or equity oriented schemes ... What are the benefits of investing in mutual.

Mutual funds are allowed to use derivative options only to hedge cash positions
I want to invest in mutual funds through ... But if I move from liquid funds to equity funds, I will attract short-term capital gain. Is that correct because no one discloses that? How does it benefit after paying tax? Systematic transfer plan (STP.

Why one must go for Equity MFs?
funds one can avail tax benefits. Investing lump-sum for 3 years lock-in period will help you get a tax deduction in the current financial year for up to Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Some of the equity mutual funds allow the.

First Trust Advisors L.P. Announces Portfolio Manager Update for First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund
Chartwell") serves as the Fund's investment sub-advisor and is an investment firm focusing on institutional, sub-advisory, and private client relationships. The firm is a research-based equity and fixed-income manager with a disciplined, team-oriented.

Income Tax Rules On Mutual Fund Gains Explained In 10 Points
Here is how much income tax you have to pay on mutual fund gains: 1) For tax purposes, a mutual fund scheme that invests 65 per cent or more of its portfolio in equities or equity-related instruments ... However, investors get the benefit of indexation.

Mutual fund equity savings schemes; how beneficial are they? 3 profitable power points
Equity savings fund comes with three benefits—growth potential of equity, income opportunity and tax efficiency. It is suitable for those who want to combine the potential for capital appreciation along with regular income and medium market volatility.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Fund-of-Funds
could be lower than certain equity mutual funds as well. FoFs attract a tax liability As mentioned earlier, FoFs are classified as non-equity schemes, and hence they do not enjoy the tax benefits of equity-oriented schemes. For FoF schemes, STCG for.

8 reasons why you should invest in equity mutual funds
Equity mutual ... vary from fund to fund. The higher the risk associated, the more you have chances of getting higher returns to achieve your target amount. While investing through ELSS (Equity linked saving scheme) funds one can avail tax benefits.