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It's tax time for fund investors, even those doing nothing
NEW YORK (AP) — The end of the year can mean tax headaches for some mutual-fund investors ... pulled nearly $239 billion out of actively managed U.S. stock funds, according to Morningstar. With so many investors heading for the exits, managers of.

WSTCM Credit Select Risk-Managed Fund Recognized by Morningstar
and mutual funds, the Fund has been assigned a 5-Star Overall Rating from Morningstar among 260 funds. The Fund also received 5 stars based on risk-adjusted returns among 260 funds in the Non-Traditional Fixed Income Funds Category for the three-year.

Some Fund Ads Misrepresent Morningstar Ratings
Money managers are sometimes misrepresenting ratings from Morningstar Inc. in advertisements aimed at investors, a Wall Street Journal review has found. A Journal review of more than three dozen mutual fund and exchange-traded fund advertisements found at.

How to play smart offense and defense with your mutual funds
We aren’t liquidating mutual funds, bonds or equities and ... Russ Kinnel, director of manager research at Morningstar, said it’s possible to minimize downward exposure. High-quality funds like Jensen and Dreyfus Appreciation hold large-cap, blue.

Morningstar Assigns New Analyst Rating to 36 U.S. Funds; Upgrades Seven Funds; Downgrades Five Funds; Affirms Ratings on 135 Funds in October
has published a summary of Morningstar Analyst Rating™ activity for 183 U.S. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that occurred in October 2017. The Morningstar Analyst Rating for funds represents Morningstar's conviction in the fund's ability.

Jeremy Grantham Says Own Commodity Stocks, Not Commodities -
In recent years, it has become vogue to invest directly in commodities, especially with the advent of ETFs allowing quick, cheap and easy exposure. Given the performance gap between, say, gold miners and the price of gold, many investors have been&nbsp.

5 Best-Performing American Funds Mutual Funds of Q3
Additionally, in Morningstar's 2017 "Fantastic 43" List, 13 are from the American Funds' family. Factors like expenses, risk ratings, returns, manager ownership and stewardship were considered while identifying the best-performing mutual funds of 2017.

Morningstar ratings misrepresented by some money managers in ads, report says
Morningstar ratings are sometimes misrepresented by money managers in advertisements targeted at investors, according to a report. The Wall Street Journal found at least eight inaccurate ads out of more than three dozen mutual fund and exchange-traded fund.

Morningstar's tax-cost ratios beat its fund rankings
Empirical studies of mutual funds have repeatedly supported the theory and in turn, have dismissed the notion that past outperformance predicts future outperformance. Yet 44 years later, Morningstar still publishes star rankings, which are based on mutual.

Morningstar puts mutual funds on a podium
BOSTON (MarketWatch) — Most investors don’t know it yet, but the way they buy and sell mutual funds has just changed -- maybe for the better. Morningstar Inc. officially released its “analyst ratings” this week, the first time it has actually told.