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The Trump White House Gave These Mutual Funds a Big Boost
This field is global in nature and has a tremendous amount of momentum," says Jon Hale, director of sustainable investing research at Chicago-based Morningstar. "In some ways, the election has actually galvanized ESG investors." Those mutual fund figures.

5 Funds That Don’t Exist, but Should
The Closed-End Advantage Morningstar’s Kevin McDevitt also envisions splitting market indexes, but in a different fashion. As McDevitt points out, closed-end funds have a major investment advantage over both traditional mutual funds and ETFs.

Morningstar Fund Ratings: Weekly Round-up
This Ireland-domiciled fund is managed as a near-identical clone of the US mutual fund Artisan Global Value, which has a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Silver. Dan O'Keefe and David Samra have managed this fund since its launch in March 2011. They apply the.

More investors are viewing active funds as a rip-off
According to data from Morningstar Direct, the median actively managed mutual fund charges an expense ratio of 1.05% (for actively managed exchange-traded funds, the median is 0.67%). To compare, passive funds—which mimic an underlying benchmark index by.

Stockpicking mutual fund managers try new bet: themselves
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Active mutual fund managers ... billion into U.S. passive equity funds, up from $9.3 billion the month before, and pulled $19.6 billion out of funds run by traditional stockpickers, according to Morningstar data.

Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor tells advisers to embrace technology
Imagine financial technology that can create personal portfolio indexes for individual investors or a computer program that can assign forward-looking performance ratings for mutual funds and ETFs. That's the way Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor thinks when he.

Best And Worst Q3'17: Small Cap Growth ETFs And Mutual Funds
The iShares Morningstar Small Cap Growth ETYF (JKK) is the worst rated Small Cap Growth ETF and the Delaware Small Cap Growth Fund (DSGDX) is the worst rated Small Cap Growth mutual fund. JKK earns an Unattractive rating and DSGDX earns a Very Unattractive.

Leading Stocks Like Grubhub Fuel This Mutual Fund's Rebound
XAutoplay: On | OffThe fund's 22.65% gain over the 12 months going into Wednesday outperformed 88% of its midcap growth rivals tracked by Morningstar Direct and the S&P 500's 19.63%. That was a big step up from calendar 2016's 4.78% return, which beat.

Mutual funds log Rs 62,000-cr inflows in August
Director Manager Research at Morningstar said. Bajaj Capital CEO Rahul Parikh said that Indian investors have now eventually assimilated mutual funds and the credit goes to awareness programmes and endeavours by regulators and asset management companies.

Morningstar renders ETF verdict by discontinuing ETF-only conferences after ...
Morningstar has a bright future. Neither seems remotely replaceable. But human characters as diverse in nature as Chip Roame, David Booth and Jack Bogle have long cautioned that nobody should count mutual funds out. That Morningstar is now folding its ETF.